Wednesday, April 11, 2007

These days. . .

The other day a friend called me self serving. Initially, I was taken aback and not because I was offended. Love it or hate it, unless you live in New Jersey of course, we no longer live in a full service society. If you want a fill up you have to do it yourself. If you want something you have to get it the best and most efficient and practical way you know how. These days I’m going for mine.

Friday night I went to a bar. Saturday night I went to two parties. I gave my number to several men. I’ve not heard from any of them yet. These days I don’t put as much care into giving out my number or worrying if he will call or not. I figure at the end of the day that those who have a taste for things in a little blue box will call me. Those who have taste for things on blue light special will not. And that is okay.

Yesterday I took another step in being financially prepared for my future. Prior to making the transaction I sat in the bank and the advisor went on and on about the benefits of letting your money work for you. These days I am feeling like a responsible adult who understands that while tomorrow may not be promised we owe it to ourselves to make the possibility of it promising.

Tonight I road the Metro home from work and saw a man in a service uniform. His jacket noted that he was a ‘certified lubrication technician.’ I snickered to myself. These days I am reminded that while I am an adult I am allowed to have childish and playful moments.

Today I looked at a box of twinkies and a bowl of bananas. I chose to go with a banana for my afternoon snack. These days I am eating healthier and trying to take better care of my body.

These days I am growing, living and loving myself.