Sunday, May 17, 2015


I thought that winter would never leave. The nights seemed darker than ever before and the cold temperatures that never bothered me did bother me this time around. It went on and on. But the season finally changed.

The calendar reads spring.

The calendar reads spring now but outside it looks and feels like we just skipped over spring and found ourselves right in summer. I better be mindful of that.

I've been wanting another winter in my life to pass me over but it seems to have been lingering around me for the last 20 years. I have prayed for spring and had visions of a sweet summer.
Sometimes I wonder if that season in my life hasn't changed because I've yet to change or is it that I was positioned in the world not have those other two seasons. I say two because I know the cold, darkness and isolation of the winter very well and the changing colors, wind whisking away the leaves I found beauty in, and bareness of limbs I am also familiar. I know those seasons.

Yet I continue to long for my true spring of blossoming and newness. Long for my long hot summer where only lips can cool me.

I wonder a lot. I wonder when my seasons will come.