Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From Here to There

In the past nine days I have spent time in New York City, traveled back home to Washington, DC and then left there after only a few hours really to head west for a several days here in Los Angeles. In so little time I have traveled thousands of miles getting from here to there. From one place to another, from one point to another.

Why aren’t all things so clear as to how to get from one place to another I wonder. Though, I do realize that there is beauty and learning in figuring out just how to maneuver from place to place, from point to point, from one level of maturity and understanding to another.

I realize there is also at times sadness. Earlier this year the unthinkable happened to one of my closest friends in New York. His mom passed away. Then last week I got a call that another friend of mine who I’ve grown to love so dearly had experienced the same unexpected loss of his mother. In a matter of one phone call his entire life had changed. His outlook on life will never be as it was before he received that phone call and his level of maturity will continue to evolve rapidly over the next few weeks as he sorts out the legal pieces as being executor of her last will and testament. He is only twenty-five. To the universe he is still a baby himself. A baby that has now been propelled into toddling rather he was ready or not. This is experience will shape him. It will direct him on his road from here to there. God will bless him on his journey.

With most things I find myself to be at peace in life. For those areas that I don’t find that peace I have made the agreement to do something to help find that peace. I have read, I have heard, I have learned and I do believe that finding the peace that I am seeking means I have to make an extra effort to focus, to pray, to remain positive and to be diligent. This is how I will ultimately get from here, which isn’t a bad place at all, to there, the place I want to be. And then once I arrive there, I will began to create the healthy image of where I wish to be next. There must be an emphasis on the word I. It is about me. No comparison to others. No me wanting for others what they do not yet wish to want for themselves. In that vain, I have arrived at the place where I am grasping the token that I can want and pray better for others but the definition of better is still for them to decide.

I will close my eyes tonight. I will affirm myself to myself as my head rests on the pillow. No doubt I will be contemplating more, but not harder than I should the flow of the Universe on how I get from here to there. Our thoughts do become our prayers.