Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hump Day

Yesterday was ‘hump day’ and last night I decided to hit the town because ATLien was in town for the night and Thirty Red and I wanted to show him a good time. Boy, did I have a ball.

Immediately after work we headed to Tapatini’s my new favorite martini bar where at least one of the bartenders knows my name and they have really great drink specials. Last night lime coconut and apple martini’s were $4 and glasses of white wine were $2. I had a couple of martini’s and one glass of wine – along with an appetizer to wash it all down. I happened to meet two women who lived in DC and are attorneys and one says she has a cute gay friend who lives in Columbus and is going to be a doctor. Of course, I gave her my card and got her email address. She happens to live a few blocks away from me too. Maybe I’ll bump into her on one of my Sunday walks. Hopefully she can arrange for me to bump into her friend.

After the tap ran dry at Tapatini’s we headed over to a local gay watering hole called the Fireplace that I fondly call the Fire Trap. I saw a couple of guys I knew and had one cocktail. I chatted up there with the folks I knew and happened to see a guy I used to talk to back in the fall. He didn’t see me so I didn’t make it a point of letting him know that I saw him. The time is now approaching ten o’clock and that’s what time I need to be at Dream to use the nifty VIP passes I got for a Rock the Vote party that was going on there last night.

We dashed to Dream, saw a long line and thankfully I had the cell number of the person who gave me the passes and she made it so we didn’t have to stand in line. Gotta love her! From 10:15 to midnight I rocked it and socked it on the dance floor at Dream. I also ran into a frat brother and a boy who wants to be a frat brother. I said hello to one – not the other. He really bothers me and has caused angst among some of my peers. He gets the old famous Faith Evans single, ya get no love from me.

At midnight we decided to step back on the other side of town and hit up the strip club. That was interesting, first because I ended up talking to some guy, FedSex. I’ve seen him around town on many occasions. He seems nice enough and a little different from the guys I would normally talk to but – hey I was in a strip joint. Things were going well until he mentioned the name of someone in his inner circle of friends. Although I didn’t say it out loud or with my facial expression I was turned off. It is true that sometimes one is guilty by association. Was I being a snob or was I just following one of the 48 Laws of Power [ Protect your reputation at all cost. ] and associating with him may some day put me in association with his friend who just isn’t my cup of tea. It is such a small world.

Secondly because on my way to the Metro headed to work yesterday morning I saw The Taster (my favorite DC Stripper) and he happened to be dancing at the club last night. How cyclical is that? I guess everyone was just humping around on hump day.