Monday, May 23, 2005

Starr 7

During a weekend when many thought I would be swamped with taking care of this and that I found myself unusually not busy, calm and at ease. I took great advantage of this calm before the storm and spent a lot of time with me this weekend – not just by myself but with myself. I had a might good time. Sometimes I like myself so much I forget other people are around. My Starr 7…

1.Friday night was my final fraternity Chapter meeting for this year. I was overly excited when the meeting was over because it also meant that my term as secretary had come to a close for this fraternal year as well. In my efforts to have more balance in my life and not run myself ragged I politely declined the nomination to run for another term next year. I am not sure who will be taking minutes but I will be taking a minute for me.
2.Saturday morning I talked to my mother for the first time in two days. It was a delight. She and I typically talk on the phone every single day with the exception of this time of year when her schedule and mine are both busy. I was happy to talk to her and see what was going on in her world. Not much had changed in the two days since I’d last talked to her but I am a momma’s boy and I just like to know everything that is going related to her.
3.The weather in DC was beautiful and I ventured to Starbucks for a cool drink and then to Dupont Circle where I sat on a bench and enjoyed the sun, scenery and peace.
4.When I was walking away from the circle I caught the glimpse of a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. Her name escaped me but her distinguished features could not. It was my supervisor from my very first job that the government knew about. The summer before my senior year of high school I sold season tickets to a theater series over the phone to ‘arts patrons’ throughout the greater Cleveland area. I approached the woman we exchanged simple pleasantries and both got a good laugh thinking about that time during our lives and how small the world is. Makes me wonder is there any truth in that theory that if a man sits in one place long enough he will see nearly everyone he has ever known.
5.I love my people. Sometimes I hear folks talk about patronizing black owned businesses and I will admit that I’ve shared a comment here or there that wasn’t the most positive. Saturday afternoon I was reminded only of the positive. I decided to stop through a rather popular clothing and whatnot store owned by an African American woman. I enjoy walking into stores and being greeted with a smile followed by a “hello, how are you?” or “would you like a cool drink?” The question alone is refreshing.
6.I went to church today and pulled from the service three great points to remember. First, everyone can take the same medicine but everyone won’t get the same results. Second, don’t let someone make you who they are and finally my favorite don’t let trouble, trouble you
7.After church I took my Sunday stroll. It may be old fashioned to some but nearly every Sunday that I am home and the weather is fair I take a one hour walk. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for nearly four years and generally take the same route on Sunday’s or any other day I feel the need to get some fresh air. So over the four years I have grown to know some of the folks who live in the houses that I pass. Per the usual one of my favorites was outside working in his front yard today. We normally chit chat for just a second and have never even shook hands but today he gave me a big ol’ hug, friendly and warm. A great way to start the week, feeling embraced.