Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Re: LA

When I stepped off the plane I waived my hand in the air and greeted the city. Hello Los Angeles. I rolled my back to the curbside passenger pick-up and just seconds later my friend Blue Sky rolled up to get me. I requested that he have two things in the car waiting on me once I arrived. He had both, a cheeseburger and a cape cod. From the airport we went to his house so I could do a quick costume change and from there we went to the Catch. Thousands of miles away from DC I ended up catching up with two very familiar faces at the Catch. Seeing both of them, one guy from LA and another from Texas that just so happened to be visiting LA, was a reminder of why it is always important to look my best. I never know who I will see or who will see me. You can catch a train, a bus, a cab, even a cold – but I won’t let you catch me slipping.

After I danced and enjoyed the sights of LA nightlife I headed back to the abode of Blue Sky where I enjoyed a sweet slumber. I was happy to be away for a few days and knowing that I was granted me peace of mind and ease. When I woke up it was Mother’s Day and I had to call my mother first thing. Because of the time difference she didn’t answer her phone because she had already left for church. I called my grandmother next and she answered with hesitancy. She doesn’t like talking on the phone too much and says that she didn’t initially recognize my cell phone number on her caller i.d She and I spoke for a quite some time and she loved the card I sent her. I was very happy she liked the card. The past two Mother’s Day holidays I’ve tried to extend myself to her more than I did when I was a kid, partly because I am an adult and realize the importance of giving her just due and partly because I imagine that on Mother’s Day she reflects on the two of her children she has buried in the past five years. I want to make her feel good and loved because she is.

After talking to my grandmother I headed to my favorite LA place to dine – Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle. I don’t know what they do to the chicken, but it is always delicious. I am often perceived by others as being very pristine. That perception would go totally out of the window by anyone who has witnessed me clean a bone or two at Roscoe’s. I absolutely delight in the eating experience. From lunch I headed to the Beverly Center and a few other random shops and stops enjoying the view along the way. I think the hills and mountains around LA are beautiful. I didn’t go to LA to shop but I did purchase a new tie and a pair of cufflinks – for nothing. When I go out of town I take any gift cards I have just in case I run into a store that may be in DC but they don’t carry all the same items. Such was the case here. The tie is very spring and the cufflinks are very all year long. I can’t wait to wear them. Sunday was capped off with dinner and a stroll through a bar in West Hollywood. I finally got in touch with my mom and I also had a brief conversation with Fresh Rain. He brings a smile to my face and I know that I want to continue to get know him. I pray he wants to know me too. I dream of a healthy courtship.

Monday morning although out of town I woke up early and did some work. I sent emails and made phone calls both for work and for an organization I work with. I realize that the work would be home when I got home but I didn’t want some things to just sit. I can barely just sit. Lunchtime arrived and it was off to Hollywood again to a diner I like not far from the spot I think the City of Angels looks angelic, Mulholland Drive. Whenever I sit and look out over LA from that mountain it reminds me of how small I am and how large God must be. The sight is vast and beautiful.

Monday evening concluded with a trip to Universal Walk, dinner, a movie and bowling. I am not a great bowler but I think its fun. Sometimes I just have to have a good time and this weekend was certainly one of those times. Last night I boarded a plane at LAX and this morning I hopped off the plane, on to a train and to the elevator that brought me to my office. I’m getting right back into the groove of things.

I noted to myself on the way to LAX last night that it would be a great idea for an ad campaign to see the words: REjuvenate, REfresh, RELAX – It all starts here LAX.