Thursday, May 19, 2005

Black Magic

When I woke up this morning I felt butterflies in my stomach and uncertainty creep through my body. Today is Thursday and I am a week out from the big event I have been working on since August. This is my third year working on the annual event and never is the working process exactly the same. Many people show up to the event and see the magic as it happens, they see the rabbit being pulled out of the hat. What they don’t see is the magician months, weeks and days before putting in all the thought and work required to get the rabbit to come out the hat at just the right time and just the right angle. It takes tremendous effort to make magic, but the master magician makes the trick look easy. I aspire to be a master magician. Look out David Copperfield!

The past few weeks have been crunch time and I have been keeping late hours and very early mornings. A few days ago I didn’t want to tell anyone but I found myself in a stoop, another temporary valley of being tired. At the same time I had much work to do. I had my back against the wall. I knew I was tired and at the same time I knew that things, particularly the things I said I would do, needed to be done and the prevailing thing that resonated in my mind was – no man can control a calendar. When you are planning an event and the date of the event is set in stone you can’t stop time from moving. If you like it or not that day is going to arrive and if you want it to be a success you better work! It can be said that having your back against a wall is a good thing because you only have one move to make and that is ahead. You gotta bust through, go forward and push ahead! It is my prayer that all of this pays off. I got a rabbit to pull out of my hat next week!