Monday, May 23, 2005


This morning I woke up without much of a care in the world. I had a great weekend and I knew my boss wouldn’t mind the fact I’d be coming in the office an hour late today. It’s pretty typical of me on a Monday. I had two pleasant phone conversations before I left my apartment and I was on my way. Things seemed to be moving as normal as my life and day can go. Then when I got to work I opened an email that was not too kind. For about fifteen minutes I sat staring at my computer livid. Not only did someone send me an email that I could only see as a personal attack, he had also carbon copied at least ten people. Some people I don’t even know. I wanted to go 1987.

I was baptized in 1988 and when I feel like I am about to lose my religion and act out with a devilish tongue or behave in a manner that is so far from what I think Jesus would do, I call it going 1987 – the time before I said I would take the high road.

I exhaled and eventually sent a reply. I knew that the wrong thing to do would be to send a reply immediately as that would have contained thoughts probably not so clear and definitely words that would have not been appropriate. Again I felt victimized by someone whom I thought was an amiable associate and again I was being faced with negative energy and criticism for community service work I do because I still believe in some ways has a positive impact on someone. It took me a while today to get over this incident and it was certainly a reminder of many things.

Most importantly it was that I go to church for a reason and when the minister says some things I need to listen. Just yesterday in her preaching she said what I should have said as soon as I finished reading the email, don’t let trouble – trouble you. I can’t allow someone else’s negative energy to enter my physical, mental or spiritual space. I can’t give anyone that power. I can’t control other people or what they say and do. What I can control is me, my attitude and my energy.

Devil get behind thee!