Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Magic, Motown and Me

This morning I walked out of my apartment building to greet beautiful weather. I had a pep in my step as in my head I could still hear the Mariah Carey cd I was blasting while in the shower and getting dressed. It is the morning after my latest magic trick and I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I along with 9 other people, over the weekend pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

During the course of the weekend I felt a range of emotions including fear, anger, desire, and accomplishment. Ironically, several times during the weekend people complimented me on how calm I appeared to be. Little did some of them know that at those very moments I had either just flipped out about something or was tired and wanted to be somewhere soaking my feet. I will admit however, that compared to previous Memorial Day weekends I did a much better job of pacing myself and not worrying about things that were either too minor for me to concern myself with or beyond my control.

For me, the people make the weekend. I have made many new friends during Memorial Day weekend. This weekend I saw many people from my community that I only get to see once a year and I also saw some out of town folks that I hadn’t expected to see. I chatted it up at a reception with my former Gay American Idol, danced the night away with my favorite model and embraced some of my favorite magicians from LA, Philadelphia, New York and South Florida. The only one of my favorite magicians missing was the Prime One from ATL. I will see him soon though.

Friday night I met Serious and he was seriously cute and exuded an energy that drew me into my fantasies of a future for just a moment. Two words: Dynamic Duo. Serious is my age and it is only on rare occasions do I meet someone my own age that captivates me in any form. He did it successfully without even knowing he did. I should seriously stay away from him, he could be trouble.

This weekend I also reconnected with Motown. I met Motown last year when I attended LA at the Beach. He and I both were staying at the host hotel and spending a little time in the lobby. His face screamed with familiarity but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly where I had met or seen him before. Finally that weekend, I found myself standing at the elevator waiting to go downstairs when I heard a voice. “Have we met? You look so familiar.”

Motown and I began a rather engaging conversation. He and I had never formally met. We had just been to many of the same events over the past four years or so. Brown, brawn, naturally beauty - that was Motown. We spoke several more times during the weekend but didn’t exchange contact information. I suppose we figured we would see each other around again sometime and on Friday morning we did.

I was making my way through the hotel lobby and I saw someone wave at me. It was Motown. I was pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed a delightful chat and rundown of the weekend ahead of us and set a date to connect again. Saturday morning he and I had breakfast together and Saturday evening he escorted me to a reception and then we snuck away for dinner and drinks at one of my favorite DC martini bars. I was lovin’ that Motown sound.

Sunday offered us no time to connect. I had no time and later no energy. Monday we had a farewell lunch and ice cream before I left the hotel. Unlike Los Angeles, I asked for his number and email address. He gave me both. I’ll use one or the other soon. For all I know we could make beautiful music one day.