Sunday, June 05, 2005

Show Me

After attending a pretty good Saturday evening house party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning I managed to wake up in time to make it to 8:00AM church service. Amen! I much prefer the 8 o’clock service as I think it offers me less earthly distractions, which equivocates to better praise and worship. This Sunday the associate minister would be delivering the word and what a word he did deliver.

When he stood up to speak the lights in the church dimmed and on the screens that anchor the pulpits a clip from Jerry McGuire was shown. It was the scene where Cuba and Cruise said the words that will live on in cinematic history and American English for years to come, “Show me the money.” The clip ended and the preacher told the church to turn to Malachi 3:11. Show Me the Money would be the topic of his sermon. I enjoy a well woven speech/sermon and today I found this one to be palatable to my taste and it again forced me to think about my personal tithes and offerings. It also challenged me to think about where perhaps my faith is and I am on my own personal spiritual journey.

As I was walking home from church my cell phone rang. Thirty Red was interested in linking up with me this afternoon to see an exhibition at the Smithsonian that I’d been talking about since the weekend it opened, Close Up in Black. I have always been a believer that one could learn the history of our nation by never going to a history class but rather by walking through an art museum, reading a series of plays or books or by going to the movies. This thought was illustrated in many ways in Close Up in Black. The exhibit features 90 advertisement posters from films featuring African Americans from the early 1920’s until today. Walking into the exhibit hall the first poster one sees is for a movie with an “all-star negro cast.” The posters, featured quotes and notes on the walls simultaneously tell the story of African Americans in film and the general history of people of African descent in the United States. Show me on the silver screen.

After weeks of procrastinating I plan to email my uncle who is stationed in Iraq. We don’t have the tightest relationship. Years ago I used to write him when he first got in the army and he did write me back. Times have changed. We are both older now. I hope my email doesn’t go unanswered and he’ll show me some love.