Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tis the Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas? I think not. I am originally from Ohio [yes, a red state] and by this time I am used to seeing the first snow of the season which usually gives me the extra boost I need to put me in the holiday spirit. As of now I’m not. I am not the Grinch who stole Christmas but at the moment I’m certainly not one of Santa’s little helpers. The list I created the other day of people to send Christmas cards to has been replaced with a list of reasons I decided not to send cards this year. The coins are tight, there is no snow on the ground, the Democrats didn’t get what they wanted for an early gift and that other Clay is singing Christmas songs all over network television. Ba-homo-bug!

I suppose it is true that as an adult the holidays are different from our youth. In a little over a week I will pack my clothes, bottle of Belvedere and martini shaker in my travel bag and head home to be with my family and high school friends. I’m sure once I smell the freshly baked cookies my mom makes, argue with my sister and eat half a slab of ribs right off the grill on Christmas it’ll all come together and I'll have that holiday spirit once again. At least that’s what I’m praying for – that and someone cute under the mistletoe.