Tuesday, November 23, 2004

If I Can Make It Until Midnight

I can’t say that it has been good. I can’t say that it has been bad. All that I can rightfully say is that it certainly has been and it ain’t over yet! 2004 – What a year! Since January 1st of this year in every aspect of my life something monumental has occurred. The year has been full of more ups, downs and plot twists than anything that I could have ever imagined. Some events have been positive, some events negative and many events I just don’t know what effect that they have had or will have on my life. I have never experienced a year quite like this one; change, thought and reflection have left no stone unturned.

What I find really interesting is that the year so far has been overwhelming for not just me, but most of my friends, frat brothers and relatives. Some folks don’t believe in spirits and cycles, I do. I am hearing the same story told from many different lips, in a myriad of voices and tones. So much has happened this year to us and no one knows what is yet to come. To me that thought is kind of scary. However, I take comfort in my faith that we will make it through and that a new year will bring forth new glorious energy.

My biggest prayer - that we’ve learned the life lessons the universe and the almighty creator have intended for us to learn over the past months. As they say at church, “If I can make it until midnight I will be all right. 12:01 means it is morning, a new day.”