Thursday, December 02, 2004

Put me on the list....

The world is full of lists – so also is my life. In fact, I’m taking a break right now from the first draft (of what is sure to be many) of my list of folks who will be getting a holiday card from me this year. Lists are so incredible because they have the ability to guide our thoughts and rule our lives if we allow them to. Some lists are made for us to look upon and reflect, some are made to keep us organized and on track and then there are some made just for the sake of making them. Today I have made at least three lists not including my holiday card list. There was a things-to-do-today, a things-to-do-before-noon-today and a people I need-to-touch-base- with-in-the-near-future.

Whose idea was it to create lists? Why do I keep creating them? I suppose there is good reason for some – like the list of the 25 most influential people in my life that I made on the eve of my 25th birthday, my list of men I’d like to date or see naked, my list of favorite places to eat and shop, my list of reasons that I should be America’s Next Top Model, the shit list that hangs on my grandmothers refrigerator she updates periodically– but the rest…..who needs them? Most people don’t bother with keeping up with them or doing the things on them anyway.

I have to draw this short entry to a close though; I have a couple of things on my things-to-do-list I need to get to before the day is over.