Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oh, Taste and See

Tonight I found myself sitting in the same position I’d been in the two previous Tuesday evenings, sitting across from Fresh Rain. Over the past several weeks he and I have talked on the phone when our schedules permit and have carved a spot in Tuesday night to call our own. Tonight found us spending some getting to know you time in one of my favorite DC dessert spots ironically called the Love Café.

What was supposed to last for an hour lasted for several. Hours full of continuous talking, laughing and listening. Each time we speak I feel as though I learn much more about him and him about me. The discovery phase is such a wonderful experience. Every chapter of the book is new and every picture vivid and alive. In addition to learning about him over the past couple of weeks I have also learned more about myself. Thankfully, I have done some growing up since the last time I pursued a relationship with a man. I don’t count the number of phone calls as much as I seek quality of conversations. I don’t rush to call him just because he called me. I respond in a timely manner but still in due time. I say smart things but tend to hold back any smart comments. I realize that whenever we meet someone new, their life just like anyone else’s was already a life in progress. I am meeting him where he is and he appears to be meeting me where I am. At one point tonight I met him half way across the table. He was reaching over to feed me a chocolate dipped strawberry. It tasted so sweet.