Monday, March 28, 2005

Raining Men

With the coming of spring in DC there is also usually rainfall. For the past several days it has been raining in DC in more ways than one and when it rains it pours. In the past seven days I think I have encountered every man that I have tried to get with in the past seven months. Where did they come from? Some of them I haven’t seen, talked to, heard of or even thought about since our last encounter, whatever and whenever that may have been. But suddenly in a matter of days they all unintentionally reappeared and there we were face to face.

It started last week when I bumped into The Bachelor. He did more to acknowledge my presence then than he did when he and I were playing the dating game. I thought that seeing him last week was it. But no, it was just the beginning.

Friday night I was giving face time at a local club when Light & Curly approached me. I hadn’t seen him since October at a screening of Noah’s Arc. I thought (when I met him) that he was so handsome and kind. Later I learned he was not kind to me knowing a lot of people in DC. He always lamented, “People sure love to talk to you.” “You always have dudes up in your face.” “You always some where doing something.” Excuse me for having an active social and civic life. I always thought if people didn’t want to talk to me that would be problematic. Apparently he thought otherwise. Nevertheless, when we saw each other on Friday he and I exchanged simple pleasantries and that was that. I hope I didn’t have too many dudes in my face.

Saturday I was hit with a double whammy. I had a fantastic dinner with AQueer and one of my former interns. After dinner AQueer needed to fill his tank with gas before he headed back home. I decided to tag along to the gas station. It was there that someone gave me gas. I was sitting in the car and out of the corner of my eye I saw a nice frame of a man. I immediately adjusted myself to see how well the frame would fill out. I gasped. It was Emotionally Unavailable. He said hello. I greeted him. We were having a pleasant conversation – then one point in the conversation led to another and he says, “I didn’t know you were interested in me like that.” My jaw dropped and immediately I wanted to also drop kick him. I have always prided myself on being a great communicator. This is not just because I was formally educated to be a great communicator. This is because I convey a clear message from sender to receiver. Surely I know that I made it clear that I “was interested in him like that.” Thank goodness that interest has faded like the color in cheap jeans.

Oh yes, jeans. Saturday night I was going to a birthday party and couldn’t think of what to wear. I finally decided on wearing a pair of jeans so tight they looked like I painted them on. I don’t usually dress like that but it was something to do – it was a chance to step outside my box. So, after slipping my photo ID and debit card in my back pocket and handing my cell phone to Mr. Kane (I couldn’t fit anything else in my pockets) we step into the soiree. I grab a cocktail, look down to stir my ice, look back up and see the face of man who had me all stirred up just a few months back. He is much older than me but I enjoy his company so much. He is rather attractive and carries his age very well. I find him quite the delight to talk with and there is something in his handshake and hugs that make me feel strong comfort.

Him: It’s good to see you.
Me: Always a pleasure.
Him: How are you?
Me: As good as you look.

We go on with the mutual admiration, then talk about work, his dog and finally I inquire why he and I never connected again. He had recently come out of a ten year relationship…and it goes on. He says now his life is returning back to normal after whatever else he was going through. Perhaps next week he and I will do dinner.

I haven’t met any interested guys (that I have had any interest in) in the three months of this year. Was seeing all the ones I was interested in at the end of last year some supplement the Universe was providing for me? Ironically, I just had a very long conversation with AQueer on the subject of me not finding a mate. He and I questioned if my problem was attracting men or keeping them once they were attracted, or if I was just too damn busy or picky. If only I had created a questionnaire on the “Starr Dating Experience” I could have administered it to all the guys I saw this weekend and the one from last weekend to get some feedback. But alas, the search and saga continues. Its raining and when it rains it pours. Who/what next?

I did meet a new cutie last night. Fresh rain?