Tuesday, December 21, 2004


This morning my friend Pooquie emailed with a question he has been wondering about for some time. He wanted to know why I used a certain word so much and why I used it to describe so many things. A few weeks ago my best friend O-Canada asked the same question about the same word. The word is fierce. Pooquie asked me specifically what does fierce mean and why are people obsessed with being fierce. I told Pooquie that I thought that was a fierce question. What does it mean to be fierce?

I have one major life philosophy that guides my living - I should live my life by my own definition. With that comes my own definition of what the term fierce means. Fierce to Clay Starr is an adjective that describes someone or something that is wonderful, spectacular, fiery, intense, on top of his/her/its game, vicious, etc…. You may call it something else but I call it fierce. I know that I strive for fierceness based on my own life priorities. I think the ultimate fierceness is when one has every aspect of their life completely together. Move over Maslow, who wants to reach the top of your hierarchy when he or she can reach the peak of fierceness. [Please note, others may think that self actualization as defined by Maslow is fierce. Again, the key is that you define it for yourself.] And yes, when it comes to judging your own personal fierceness you can have parts of your life that are and others that are not.

Here are just a few fierce examples of what is considered fierce and not fierce in my book:

You own a land rover and no land. That is not fierce.

You are beautiful on the outside but your attitude is busted. You are not fierce.

You go on fabulous shopping sprees and your rent is not paid. That is not fierce.

You own a baby grand piano and have paid thousands of dollars in renovations to your home yet your home is an apartment that you are renting. That is not fierce.

You prefer seeing Tyler Perry portray an old woman on stage over Phylicia Rashad. That is not fierce.

Eva winning the America’s Next Top Model competition. That is fierce.

Tyra Banks saying that she knows that some people think she is ugly with a big forehead but she doesn’t care because she thinks that she is beautiful. That is fierce.

Putting others down to make you seem fierce. That is not fierce.

Basing your self worth on material possessions. That is not fierce.

Living your life by your own definition. That is fierce.

You think you are fierce but you really aren’t. That is not fierce.

Oprah. She is fierce.

You’ve read my blog more than once but you still don’t have me listed on your blogroll. That is not fierce.

Go ahead, be fierce!