Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dreamgirls: Effie, Deena, Lorrell & Clay

I am a Dreamgirl. My road to being a Dreamgirl began in August of this year while traveling from DC to Philly for a convention with a fraternity brother. He and I listened to the soundtrack all the way to there and all the way back. When I got out of his car I grabbed my luggage and his two disc set of the 2001 live recording of the Dreamgirls with Lillias White, Audra McDonald and Heather Headley.

I have been hooked ever since. The music is great and I’ve been able to relate to so many of the songs over the past several months. I have always said that my life is a musical and the Dreamgirls soundtrack supplies me with a few songs that I could have easily belted out at any given moment.

I sang And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going when I was at a job that I hated and my supervisor wasn’t so fond of me either. But no, I was staying because I didn’t want any job less than a year on my resume. I wanted it to be a stepping stone. I wasn’t going anywhere.

That’s what I thought. I ended up not being able to take any more of that place and started looking for another job. The first opening I saw for a gig that I was qualified for was at a national gay organization. Can you say Steppin to the Bad Side? Reluctantly, I applied for that position. I interviewed, they wanted me to come back for another interview but by then I had already found another career move. Thank God.

Lately I’ve been singing Ain’t No Party whenever I start thinking about Langston. I am thinking about a man who is on the other side of the country and probably not thinking about me. He has someone else to think about and I’d be as foolish as Lorrell if I were to ignore that fact. I ain’t Lorrell.

“Lorrell loves Jimmy. Lorrell loves Jimmy. Lorrell loves Jimmy its true, but Lorrell and Jimmy are through. But I got a show to do baby.” [Firing of Jimmy]

I’ve known how it feels to be the leader of a hot new group, I’ve asked for One Night Only …and the tunes go on. Every man has his own special dream and your dream is just about to come true. Life is not as bad as it may seem if you open your eyes to what is in front of you. We are Dreamgirls…..all you have to do is dream and baby we’ll be there.

As I sit here in my room with my cd player blasting and singing at the top of my lungs….it is Hard To Say Goodbye, My Love but “Thank you and goodnight!”