Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Greatest Story Yet To Be Told

When I first heard the lyrics I was completely swept away. I went from sitting down to being suspended in air. I was so caught up in the words and the beauty and desire I heard in them. She sang, "I want you to be a story for me that I could believe in forever." What story could be more real and powerful than that I wondered. What tale could someone believe in forever?

As children we are told stories about Easter bunnies, Tooth Fairies and Santa Claus. We are told these stories because adults wanted us to believe in something magical and whimsical. They wanted us to believe as long as we possibly could that there was something special out there that was bigger than us, but smaller than God. They wanted us to believe that there was this being that if we were good, honest and true little boys and girls would reward us with delight. But then as we grew older we learned the truth. Those stories were just those, stories.

But then as we mature we learn that there is a lover. A lover whose life can be intertwined with yours. A lover whose life when it merges with yours becomes a new story for the both of you. A story that you can believe in forever. Today, I still believe in the story of love. I still believe in my lover. I believe that he and I will one day write and live the greatest love story ever told. In our story, I will believe in forever.