Monday, December 04, 2006

Dear Brother

Dear Brother,

This morning as I was dressing for work I looked in the mirror and a radiant energy illuminated all around me. I was wearing my black suit, a crisp white shirt and a gold neck tie. It was a proud moment. I was dressed in traditional Alpha wear and I knew today was a special day in the history of our organization, a significant day in the history of our people.

All was well with me in that moment. I then began moving about my apartment as I normally do. When I stepped near my door and bowed my head and lifted my hands for my typical morning prayer I became overwhelmed. I started off thanking God for the journey into the brotherhood. I thanked him for the seven Jewels who with great vision founded our organization 100 years ago today. And just as water cascades down falls with elegant force and without effort the names of other Brothers who have in their own right been jewels to me over the last six years came pouring out. Men. Brothers. Friends. You.

I am thankful to God for opening the door of Alpha to me. I am thankful I met you in this great House. My dearest Brothers, it was you who stood for me when others were against me. It was you who stood next to me when I needed someone by my side. It was you who made me stand when I didn't know that my legs could hold me.

No one knows better than God, the Father, who I thanked today for your being, just what the road to and through Alpha was and is to me. He in his all knowing infinite wisdom made you my Brother and I your Brother for a reason. Vessels for love, understanding, guidance and kindness are we. Reasons, I am grateful.

In some of the darkest places on my path of life you have held out the torch so that I could see and feel the warmth. In times of joy and light you have shared it with me. From the smallest gestures to those of a great overt magnitude, in some way you have been a Jewel to me.

Today I say thank you.

After 100 years our organization and infrastructure continue to strive for enhancement. In the next 100 years I hope for strengthening of the framework. But the heart and soul already beat fiercely and strong. This Brotherhood is what the seven Jewels envisioned. They who saw you before you even saw yourself, as they did the men who will come even after us. What noble men those Jewels were.

I could not let this day go by without acknowledging them or you. You are a Jewel to me and I wish you all the best as we celebrate this Founders' Day and many more to come.

I am always - fraternal,

Brother Clay Starr