Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Expect the Unexpected

With each kiss of his lips I tasted the flesh of the world. It was delicious. He rubbed my back. I found myself enveloped in his legs and his torso silently gave me directions on where to go next. My bedroom was dark with the exception of the caramel scented candle that flickered on my nightstand.

When it was all over I outlined his body with my tongue and then my finger. Retracing the places I had gone. With his body resting on his back I moved closer to him and gently played his inner thigh and leg like a guitar. At last I rested my head on his chest. There we were man to man.

I have known him for years but never have we spent such time alone, just the two of us. Never had he pulled me so close. Never until tonight had he kissed me. I don’t know that I ever thought he would. But it is those things in life that we don’t expect that we should.