Thursday, September 21, 2006

26 Life Lessons

Fifty one weeks and one day ago God allowed me to begin another year of life. Tonight I visited a dear friend of mine and we began talking about life and how much has changed and not changed in our lives since the last time she and I were together. I thought so much about what has happened since my last birthday. I have learned a lot since I turned 26.

I have learned….

…that an ocean is a spiritual place.
..that if my back is against the wall that I will push forward.
…that it is not always about me.
…that no matter how much I may love someone that they may not love me back.
…that I do want to have a relationship with my grandmother.
…that I want to learn more about my fathers side of the family.
…that my love is good.
…that love can be painful.
…that love can be wonderful.
…that love is unexplainable.
…that sometimes I do cry, my tears just flow on the inside.
…that I can catch the night bus alone.
…that crime does not pay.
…that I could run for public office.
...that I have not overcome all of the insecurities that I thought I had.
…that I must cherish my friends more.
…that those that really know me, really do.
…that I can talk about sex openly and honestly with my brother.
…that one kiss can change my life.
…that I am not the only one.
…that I can say no.
…that I am still a writer.
…that there is still hope.
…that influence is transferable.
…that I have grown up a lot.
...that I have a lot more growing and learning to do.

Tuesday will begin another set of lessons.