Monday, January 29, 2007

Time to Get Suited Up

Him never did call. Him never sent an email either. I suppose I’ve had about enough of him – though I never really had any of him at all. But that is not all that I think I’ve had enough of.

Yesterday I went on a date with a guy I met about a week ago. He is extremely genuine and there are numerous other qualities about him that I admire. On paper and in person he is the kind of guy that I could fall in love with no doubt. I think I’ll call him Authentic because that is what he presents. Now, Authentic and I had a good time at brunch yesterday. After brunch he and I strolled to my favorite card and stationary boutique. We parted ways. He went to visit a friend and I headed to Elm Street to watch Little Miss Sunshine with Go Blue. Later in the evening I checked my email and Authentic had sent me a short note thanking me for brunch. I replied that I enjoyed his company and wouldn’t mind doing so again.

Fast forward to today. Some say I was too forward. Some say I asked early, which is right on time. This afternoon I decided to stick my rod in and gauge the oil. I flat out asked Authentic if he thought that he would be open to a relationship in the near future. Of course I wasn’t asking him to be my boyfriend and share the rest of my life with me after one date but I was asking about his openness. Last year in my dealings with The Wiz and The Biz I learned that expectations should be established up front.

As crass or cold as it may sound the truth is that I have friends, many friends and more than a handful of associates. I am not on a search for either of the aforementioned. What I do not have and truly do want is a relationship. Am I desperate? I don’t think so. Am I clear about what I want? Absolutely.

I have slacks. I have shirts. I have ties. I have blazers. I have sweaters. I have jeans. All the separates – I got those. I want whole suite now! I want the full kit and caboodle. Enough of the pieces -- it is time that I have the whole thing.