Thursday, October 12, 2006

Too Beautiful for Words

Today was a very good day. I admit that this morning I was on my way to feeling down but the joy of life wouldn’t allow me to. Then tonight on my way home from having dinner and drinks with friends I saw Beauty. I hadn’t seen Beauty in ages but I have been seeing him for years.

I remember the first time I saw Beauty. It was in October or November of 2003 and he was sitting at the bus stop down the street from my apartment building. I was taken aback when he spoke to me. From his outward appearance one wouldn’t immediately suspect that he would lend his friendship to me so easily if at all. Aside from being a little rough around the edges and definitely from around the way – he was beautiful. We only talked for a little bit during our initial meeting. I gave him my phone number. He said he would call and quite some time went by before we saw each other again. He never called.

Since that first encounter he and I have crossed paths once or twice a year. I hadn’t seen him since last November before I saw him tonight.

At first I wasn’t sure if that was him that I saw from across the street. I saw his silhouette that was oh so familiar. I wanted it to be him and as I subtly threw my energy his way he recognized me. I’d gotten what I wanted – his attention for the moment.

His voice called out for me and I continued walking. He started walking behind me. When he was closer I began to talk. I always like talking to Beauty. He is an interesting but not so much a unique man. His life story touches my heart. I am always tempted to – and sometimes I do – touch him. A black man with a story. We all have stories. So comely is my heart I still wish to listen to them. Tonight in his story I drew parallels to the Wiz. He is also beautiful.

But Beauty, he hasn’t quite gotten a handle on maintaining and enhancing his true beauty. I hope he does one day. I made him promise me that he would call. Ironically, he was disappointed in himself tonight for breaking a promise to someone else. Yet, I still made him promise me. As I reflect, I understand I asked him to make that promise to me for me not so much as I wanted him to make it for himself. I don’t know him well at all but I care for him. I hope that one day he can learn to care for himself completely.

He really is beautiful. I want him to know that.