Friday, June 30, 2006

Breakthrough Breathing

It was in the elevator today that I realized truly what today was. I left my office and I wouldn’t be returning for a week. I am taking all of next week off so that I can have time for me. Time to rest. This has been my plan for several weeks now. I knew this day was coming.

What I had not realized was that today was the last day of the month of June and officially six months have past since the start of the year. Good Lord.

My mind began to walk through each day of the year thus far and I became thankful for and amazed with every one. I have never stopped to think about the days or nights. I have been too busy and anxious to get through them to do so.

I am aware that is a challenge for me. I do not take adequate time to breathe in each moment and appreciate it without rushing to exhale so that I can take in another.

As I continue to breakthrough this year I must make a more conscious effort to also breathe.