Monday, April 10, 2006

Fight, Flight or Films

Since last Wednesday I have been longing to go to the cinema. There is nothing playing of note and no favorite actor or actress of mine is starring in anything. I just want to go to the movies. It is there that I am often transported to another place for at least an hour. I am far away from reality, my reality. I am far away from anything that wants of me. I am lost in the tragedies, triumphs and lives of others. I have no attachment to them and they seek nothing from me. I am allowed to be in a movie theater, in a whole new world where I don’t have to contemplate my struggles and stresses.

Lately, I am more stressed out than usual. My plate is full and in every direction and everyone thinks that their priority is my priority. Day and night for almost a week my head has been throbbing. Even when I lay down at night it is hard to fall asleep because my mind is racing. When I wake it starts where it left off.

Parts of my job are agitating me, aspects of the role of head sorcerer for Black Magic have pushed me to all sorts of mental and physical limits and I am overwhelmed with concerns about my heart. All I want is The Wiz and I am unsure if he wants me.

All these things disappear in the dark when I am able to escape to a stadium seat. If I can’t get away from my life, I have to find a movie theater soon.