Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rhythm and Revelations

Life is about moments. Many of its most significant moments do not come at times that one can plan or predict. Some of life’s most precious moments are moments of surprising discovery and revelation.

Tonight I experienced one of those unexpected moments. While reclaiming my life, lights off, candle lit and beats of house music pumping through my personal sanctuary the spirit of exhaling and letting go took over me. In a single moment as the beats grew louder and louder and the tempo picked up its pace I simply stopped moving. I stood still. Rhythms so common to me in my space when no one is looking spoke to me in a new way. They turned my attention to a connection I’d never made.

This man, The Wiz who I work day by day to build and understand a relationship with and this young man, me ClayStarr have already met in another time, in another place. I had written about him, even named him years ago. Seven years later, this character I placed on paper has now been placed in my life.