Wednesday, March 01, 2006


March 1 means a lot of things. First, it means that today I celebrate the birth of the woman who birthed and nurtures me. It also means that already, two months of the year have passed. It sounds pretty basic on the surface but when I reflect I am almost taken aback by how much time has passed already. I am grateful to say that the prophetic words from the chapel down the street have been true. It is the year of breakthroughs. I have experienced some over the past few weeks that have been building up for the past few years and I pray that more will come.

I believe that God has helped me in these breakthroughs and I also believe the people he has brought into my life have played a very significant role. It was a coworker who gave me an added push to better my health. It was an unconquerable friend who reminded me that there is reason and confidence in my ability to be head sorcerer and lead Black Magic. Unexpectedly, The Wiz gave me the comfort to explore sex in a way that I had not done in years. It was more than just an act of the flesh or sexual tension. It was a major step in me letting go of so much and gaining more of my own self and assurance of who I really am. It was also very good.

A week from today I will return to London for a week of rest and adventure. It is there that I am praying I will have my next big breakthrough. May my mind and hand craft a new art.