Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

In nearly five years of living in the District I have played hosts to numerous friends and fraternity brothers during their visit. My sister has never been here. My brother came here once to drop me and my truck load of possessions off in August 2001 and again in May of the following year for my graduation. My mother accompanied and read directions both times.

Since graduation she has always said that she would return to spend some time with me and get away from Cleveland for at least a weekend. Whenever she said this I never really took her too seriously, especially as time went on. My mother and I have lots of things in common but we also have a number of contrasts. She is not the type to travel on a whim, to wake up one morning, or leave work one afternoon and decide to go halfway up the coast or across the country just because. Travel for her normally requires a push.

Yesterday that push came. I believe a combination of seeing me, visiting DC and wanting to take a bit a time off from caring from my grandfather on an almost daily basis was the push she needed. Yesterday she actually bought the plane ticket and will be visiting me for Easter weekend.

What do I do with my mother for a weekend? I am thinking a cocktail party. I’d have two of my favorites – my mother and a martini. This weekend will definitely take some planning, for her sake and mine. I have not been in the company of my mother on Easter since I was in high school so I am sure it will be nice. Maybe I’ll even resurrect our tradition of Easter dinner this Resurrection Sunday.