Sunday, January 01, 2006

In Light and Love

With Big Ben to my right and the London Eye in front of me I stood on the bank of the Thames River. And just as it had done in the year itself light rain passed through the night as we, thousands of men and women I've never known and two of my greatest friends who know me so well, stood as one. A bottle was popped in anticipation and quickly a building across the river transformed itself into a tower of passing time.

One minute left in the year of transition.

As the minute fleeted into mere seconds and in unison the crowd of thousands counted the seconds down, excitement, humility and joy filled my spirit. When the New Year began it made itself known with the help of man. The night sky was painted with the most spectacular fireworks and light display that I have ever seen. Bursts of light and energy left me mesmerized by their beauty. I could not have imagined for myself such a fantastic way to begin the New Year.

Light and universal love.

A new year has begun.