Friday, January 20, 2006

Always Leave the Light On

Friday afternoon brings with it a lot of things. The biggest thing of course is the anticipation of the weekend ahead. It has been a pretty good work week but as of about an hour ago only my body is here in the office. My thoughts are with what I am going to do over the next two days and what will I wear while I’m doing them. As the week comes to a close and I watch the clock, I think of how grateful I am to have a job and oddly enough I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to how I am grateful for the office building my job is in.

The organization I work for is in a downtown office building that is really cool. It is conveniently located near the Metro, a branch of my bank and some of my favorite food spots. Further, in the basement level of the building is a post office and small store that sales all the random items my heart can imagine. The grand prize however is that there is also a tunnel down there that leads you right into the conference level of one of the cities largest hotels.


I stayed in that hotel years before I moved to Washington and never imagined one day I’d be living in the District and working right beside it. Not only did I enjoy the hotel as a guest, but now I frequently use its facilities as a neighbor.

I hate using restrooms where I might see someone that I know. Although it may be rather silly because everyone has to go I don’t like people knowing or seeing me go. So, I use the bathrooms on the conference level of the hotel instead. That way my colleagues never see, hear or smell my evil.

When work is slow and I crave mischief another coworker and I journey on over to the conference rooms that have just had events or are setting up for one to snag bottled water, canned sodas and other various snacks. Maybe caffeine is addictive.

Alas, I’m reminded of the time I had a friend from out of town staying there and when my coworkers thought I was just on an extended break I was actually breaking out of my clothes for an afternoon tryst. What fun.

This Friday, I am thankful for the light on in my little cubicle and that right next door…they always leave the light on too.