Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'll Take Manhattan

She first seduced me when I was in high school and ever since that first experience it has been all about her. I think about her often and pay her visits whenever time allows. There are even some instances when time doesn’t allow but I run to her anyway. She is a great beauty. She is everything that everyone has ever said about her. She is vile and at the same time voluptuous. She is sweet as she is sour. She is all things to all people. She is New York City and I love her.

My last trip to the City was in August and in my mind that is far too long to neglect her. I have been itching for a chance and anything that seemed like a good reason to visit again before the end of the year. Those reasons came to me all at once.

I took the call…. It was Aziza and she was speaking in that voice I only hear right before she is about to throw something my way. She threw it and I caught it. There’s a pair of floor seats for a Knick’s game with our names written on them. We’ll tip into Madison Square Garden just in time for tip off at noon Sunday.

I took another call…It was the Music Man. He recently took a job with a performing arts organization in the City. I was delighted to learn that they would be doing a production of the opera Carmen which was later adapted into Carmen Jones. I loved Carmen Jones. It was the first large production I did as a child actor in Cleveland. However, I’ve never seen Carmen, and knowing this Music Man has invited me to attend the opera on Saturday night.

A weekend in the City presented itself to me in a few rings. I took them and this weekend, I’ll take Manhattan.