Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who Is Responsible?

Without fail I am led to think about the epidemic of HIV/AIDS every day. On World AIDS Day I am sure that I think about it even more. Each year on World AIDS Day I ask myself the same question over and over again. Who is responsible for this? Each year I arrive at the same answer.

I am responsible for being abstinent and practicing safe sex. I am responsible for not using drugs. I am responsible for avoiding the exchange of bodily fluids with any person. I am responsible for knowing my HIV status.

I am responsible for telling my friends and loved ones about practicing safe behaviors in hopes they will not be infected with something that is preventable. I am responsible for urging my friends and loved ones to be tested. I am responsible for encouraging the people in my life that I love that are infected to take care of their bodies.

I am responsible for my voice. I am responsible for using my words to spread truth and combat ignorance that is more harmful than the infection itself because people can live with HIV and die from those things brought on from the stigma attached to it. I am responsible for keeping my eye on the federal, local and state government spending on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. I am responsible for writing a letter, sending an email or making a phone call when I question their actions or direction. I am responsible for my own character and never refusing to express my doubts that there are those working with programs to serve my Black gay community that I feel are ill equipped to fight an infection because of their own ignorance or because they are too busy fighting themselves. I am responsible for doing my small part in creating a global community of love and acceptance.

We are responsible.

Once again, the blogger community is joining together to raise awareness about the world wide AIDS epidemic. Please click here to view a list that will be updated throughout the day of individuals raising their voices.