Friday, December 09, 2005

The Year of Transition

I have walked down that street many times before at the very same hour of the late night and nothing, nothing ever seemed to be unusual. Last night I walked down that street at 11pm and for the first time ever, out of the corner of my eye I noticed something different. Something was unusual. The gate was open.

There is an entrance gate to a cemetery on North Capitol Street that at night is always closed and for whatever reason last night it was not. I didn’t stop walking after I made the observation. I only noted to myself that someone must be coming out or going in.

This morning at 8am my mother called to let me know that my great grandmother had passed away yesterday. Someone had gone in and little did I know it was Ernestine. After 93 years the Lord called her home.

Life, this universe is so full of so many ironies and connections and shared experiences. It is just so full. Yesterday, my friend announced the home going of his father. His dad, like my great grandmother was aging with Alzheimer’s. Ernestine passed away in the nursing home she had been in since my early years of college when my grandmother said that she couldn’t handle her anymore. Today my mother and I discussed my grandmothers’ not so good health anymore.

All I can do is say, cry out his name - - Jesus!

This has been a not so ordinary week for me. I have gone through a number of emotions in my ups and downs fighting my heart and desire for companionship, work has had its ups and down, I lost something extremely important to me, I have moved to the helm of Black Magic and already been delivered a punch to my stomach. Jesus!

But it is good. Life is good. It is a beautiful thing and this week I have been able to see my growth over the past twelve months. I like every other man knows not where the road will take me or when the Lord will take me or anyone I love away. I do know no matter what I am going through I must learn and live and that I can call out his name.

The church down the street from my house has a sign that has read all year long, ‘2005 The Year of Transition.’ A prophetic word.