Thursday, November 10, 2005

What happened last night?

A couple of weeks ago I logged on to instant messenger and was greeted with a message from someone I’ve not talked to in years. I was delighted by the surprise and catching up with him was no chore. We’ve been enjoying instant message dialogue since then and at some point last week I asked for his number. I called him, left a message and last night he called me back. After getting home from work at 9pm and an event that felt like it wasn’t, I found myself resting in the hammock of good conversation and sharing that was so comfortable I relaxed in it for hours.

He is a beautiful and intelligent man. Our relationship began many moons ago while both he and I were undergraduate students. I was in Ohio and he in Pennsylvania. As our lives continued to progress we eventually lost track of each other although we both shared a mutual friend who for some reason never made an attempt to link us back together. Nevertheless, there has been a reconnection made.

People enter each others lives at all times for a reason if it is just a conversation. Last night I felt like he and I shared a conversation that very well may have been just what our reconnection was all about. My found friend recently separated from his partner of nearly eight years and seems to be at an impasse in his life. In the past few months I have finally found peace with being with me and find myself standing at a gate of destiny still not walking through.

My found friend and I both enjoyed talking to each other. I think it was good for the both of us. After we closed our conversation we committed to being in touch. The silence after I hung up the phone was interrupted with me asking myself, what just happened. I am not sure but whatever it was I am glad that it happened.