Friday, October 28, 2005


Ten years ago while I was sophomore in high school I had the pleasure of meeting an upperclassmen who walked softly, spoke smoothly, carried himself respectably and embraced me for all that I was, even then. He and I were on a team together and had we never shared that experience it is unlikely that he and I would have ever crossed paths. But I am so happy that we did. In the short months that I had a chance to get to know him and be in his presence he made a very positive impact on me. There is no doubt that he began to open the door for me to have positive healthy relationships with other Black men and in two weeks I will celebrate my five year anniversary of actually kicking that door down.

At the end of our school year together he graduated and was off to pursue higher education and life. Last night I was reminded of his parting words. Ten years ago when I read them on a memory book he signed for me, I laughed. I was too young to really understand and receive what they meant. Today I am able. He wrote:

Listen to the wind when it comes.

More than a senior in high school, he was my senior and he offered very wise counsel.

I’m listening.