Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One World, One Step

At the beginning of the year I set three goals for myself. All of them clear, concise and measurable. While I have not accomplished all of them yet, one out of fear, one because only December will tell and the other I have in the past 24 hours made significant progress. Since I was in elementary school I have long dreamed of taking a trip to another continent. Realizing that I must do things one step at a time, last year I finally got my passport. Yesterday I bought my plane ticket roundtrip from Washington, DC to London, England.

Departing the District on December 28th will give me just enough time to achieve my goal of traveling abroad before the end of the year. Even more important it will allow me the opportunity to begin my New Year in a different place and space. For over a month I have been scoping out ticket prices and using my desire for a lower fare to come around as an excuse. But finally I stopped dragging my feet and bought it.

Not only will I be blessed to experience a new country I will also be blessed to see old friends. I haven’t seen Meech Muffin since his job took him to London in August and I will also spend time with a dear friend from Bermuda who went to college in DC and later moved to London to work as well. I haven’t seen him since 2003 and to enjoy his smile and tender embrace again will be a great joy.

I can’t recall the last time I was excited. More and more it takes an awful lot. But, about this trek across the ocean I am ecstatic about the possibilities. I am thrilled about this step. The beginning was my passport, next my trip to England and then one by one all the other continents of the world. One step at a time.

I want to see Big Ben, stroll by the Palace and dance all night in Heaven. I also want to venture to see all the things I don’t see on American television, namely other faces of the African Diaspora there. I am sure there is a rich culture to explore and I want to do just that. The earth is so big and there are so many tangible things and intangible thoughts in her and among all of her people that I have yet to discover and experience for myself. Hopefully I will though, one step at a time.