Friday, September 16, 2005

Taking Off

In the past two weeks I have only left my job and went directly home once. It has been great and typical me. I have connected, reconnected and twice visited my new DC love, Bus Boys and Poets. I am absolutely in love with the just opened coffeehouse, bookstore and eatery with an urban chic look that brings the name of the venue full circle with the concept in what the owner calls the Langston Room. Of course the name alone makes my heart jump. I love Langston Hughes. I remember getting his collected works for Christmas one year and sleeping with it. Langston for so many reasons is special to me.

Nevertheless, tonight I need to do something special for myself and that is take a break. I won’t do dinner, drinks, a play or anything else with anyone tonight. I am going to spend some quiet time at home with me. I think I deserve it and I know that tomorrow and Sunday my calendar is full and the only evening next week in which I’ll be able to do the same is Monday. Next week is the Congressional Black Caucus hosts its annual conference and receptions and other special events are abound. Then Friday night I will slip into the night headed for my birthday celebration. I can’t believe that day is approaching so swiftly either. Twenty six on the twenty sixth. How times flies.

I am going to walk through the door, take off my shoes, my clothes and anything that has weighed me down. I’m looking forward to taking off the night.