Friday, October 07, 2005

Starr Seven + 1

1. This has no doubt been a long week at work and I’m very much looking forward to the weekend. Even more, it is 11:55AM and I am looking forward to lunch. The first Friday of every month I have lunch with Spartan. He is Black, gay, originally from the Midwest and one year older than I am. We have similar interests and we are both in a field where there are very few Black men. Our monthly lunches are used to discuss our trade and catch up on each others lives. Sadly, I learned that this will be our last first Friday lunch though.

Monday morning I ran into him on the Metro and he told me that he would be leaving his job and Washington, DC all together so that he could move to Chicago and be closer to his family. I am going to miss him.

2. October means that November is next and that also means Thanksgiving. I usually don’t go home for Thanksgiving and so it also means I need start thinking about where and how I will be spending the holiday. Last year I spent it with Meech Muffin, Foxy Brown and the entire Brown family. The year before I created a Thanksgiving with AQueer and another friend from high school that had just moved to the area. Go Blue has invited me to Missouri this year to spend it with him and his family. I don’t know what I’ll finally decide on but I will be thankful wherever I am.

3. One of my responsibilities at work is to compose the language for our mass electronic and printed mail. Yesterday, I noticed I had one message in my junk mail folder at work. It was an email from my organization. Ironic.

4. Last night I went to an event and the gift bags included an umbrella. This morning I left my apartment and it was raining. I then remembered that I had left both the umbrella I had taken to work and the gift bag with the new umbrella in my colleagues’ car last night.

5. Next Saturday is the Millions More Movement. It will certainly be a great gathering of Black men and women from across the country and I am very much looking forward to it. At 8:00AM a contingency of my lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters will gather for a rally and walk together to the Mall. The inclusion of sexual minorities in this event has been a long road and I know it is important for us to be represented and show strength in numbers – to educate and bring awareness. I have known this. I got an email this morning from my fraternity brothers who are galvanizing a group to gather at 8:00AM and walk to the Mall together as well. I knew I would eventually face this question. Do I go with my brothers and sisters, do I go with my brothers or do I just go alone?

6. I took some photos for a safe sex social marketing campaign a few weeks ago. Some of the pictures are me in bed with a close friend I wonder will people think we really had sex or are dating. It would be nice to be dating someone if only in make believe.

7. Some man I have never met has fascinated me in a way that no one else has in a while. I read his blog and I have created an image, voice and a swagger that comes to mind when I am reading it. I wonder will we ever cross paths and what that interaction would be like.

+ I learned that Silky, a friend of mine from high school is now engaged. I am so jealous. Of course, I too want to be in love and have someone love me but even more I want someone else to split half of my rent/mortgage and utilities. Lover and a partner.