Monday, March 21, 2005

Starr 7

How was my weekend? I can sum it up in Seven.

1.I talked to my best friend this weekend. It was wonderful to actually talk to her and hear her voice. We had been playing phone tag for three weeks. At one point in the conversation I asked what her husband was up to. She told me he was downstairs doing all the laundry. “All the laundry,” I asked. “Yes,” she said “all the laundry.” I asked her did that include her panties. She said “Hell yeah. If he can take them off he can wash them.”

2.Saturday afternoon I met a very attractive young German woman of African descendant at a coffee shop. She is a year younger than I am and we talked for a good deal of time about her views on the US. It was a great discussion and a wonderful chance meeting. I hope to see her again soon.

3.I went through an experience nearly five years ago that I thought would be forgotten and done with by now. This weekend I learned that in some way I and that experience were the topic of a discussion on a list serv of people from up and down the East Coast. The author of the email didn’t call me by name but clearly painted a portrait of me. I will not respond to the email but it has provided me extra thought about some of my life decisions past and present.

4.After deciding to take myself on a date Saturday night, per the usual my plan for that was foiled. This time in a good way though. I ended up having dinner with the 19 year old nephew of a friend of mine. He is a sweet kid who just moved to DC in January. I hope he continues to acclimate to DC life.

5.I started cleaning my apartment. My living space is often a reflection of my life. For the past several weeks I have been on the go constantly and my apartment looks like a tornado has hit it some sections. Meech Muffin is coming for a visit this weekend and I have got to finish getting my house in order before he gets to town. Tonight when I get home from work Operation Get Right continues.

6.Sunday night I went to a community meeting to discuss the organizing of the lesbian and gay contingency for the October 15th march to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March. I saw some of the usual suspects and a few new faces. Black gay politics in DC is like no other waters I’ve ever had to navigate. The waters are sometimes calm, sometimes rough and always full of ships.

7.I finally got a copy of the book Nickel and Dimed. I’ll begin reading today.