Friday, March 11, 2005

Freedom Friday

As I sit here typing I can hear Aretha Franklin singing, “Freedom, Freeeeedom, Freedom!”

The day I have been waiting for since Sunday is finally here. It is Friday and in a matter of hours I will declare my freedom. Freedom from this spot, my lovely cubicle numbered 197. I am so anxious to leave work today. This week I worked my tail off. Wednesday was the climax of a project I have been spearheading for the past month. It was my first large scale project that I’ve been the lead on since I’ve been at this organization and it was a success. We raised $15k, wined and dined some of our supporters and got a little bit of press. Great, but that event was in the middle of the week! As one might imagine, my productivity since Wednesday has been below par. I am ready for a break.

This weekend is going to be my break. This morning I donned my black suit, white shirt and black & gold bowtie. Clearly, I’m heading to a frat gathering directly after work. Then I’m going home taking a nap, throwing some boxers in a bag and hitting the road tomorrow morning headed to NYC.

I’m looking forward to the City although I’ll only be able to stay for a very short time. I’m going to stay with Meech Muffin and pal around with AQueer. Tomorrow night I’m going to a party and then I’m going to shake it like a salt shaker. Besides the routines I do around my apartment in the morning to get energized for the day I haven’t been dancing in way too long. I haven’t a clue of what else I will do once I get there and that is a good thing. For a change I’m not making a packed schedule of everywhere I need to go and everything I need to do. I’m going to go on the faith and strength of I am always every where I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to be there. Just doing me and if I meet the right one, hell I might do him too.

My coworkers are probably wondering why I am bopping my head and they don’t hear any music. They just don’t know I have the Aretha song in my mind. Freedom!