Monday, March 14, 2005

Some Enchanted Evening

Friday night I got home from the fundraiser around 11pm. The tour bus for the ClayStarr One Night Only Tour (brought to us by Strayhound) was leaving at 1am.That gave me just enough time to shower and pack for my weekend getaway.

At 5am the before the sun began to peek its head above the New York City skyline the tour bus rolled into the City and I rolled off the bus hungry beyond belief. Thirty minutes later found AQueer and I having a very early breakfast at the Manatus. We ate, talked, ate some more, talked some more, read the paper. The trip was already off to a good start. I was in my second city and very much felt at home.

I didn’t do much the rest of the day which is exactly what I needed to do. Then around 7pm AQueer, Foxy and I decided it was time for cocktails. We met up with Lean Back and his best friend Six in the village for drinks. Delightful. Lean Back was laid back and Six was on Ten. After a drink or two it was time for AQueer and Foxy to head to Brooklyn to do what I’d come there to do – go to a birthday party. It would be the birthday celebration that for me would become some enchanted evening…..

The party was for a brother that I had only met once. Before meeting him I’d heard all about him from several friends and colleagues. He and his boyfriend are greatly adored and with very good reason. They are both beautiful people whose lights warm you when you are lucky enough to be in there presence. This birthday celebration drew me in for many reasons.

Their home was an unfamiliar place to me but I was surrounded with many familiar faces. Faces that make me smile every time I see them and make my laughter dance. Although I travel to the City frequently it was my first NYC house party and I enjoyed not feeling the cold eyes and pretentiousness of the DC house parties I am accustomed to. There is something about NYC and its dwellers that I love. Every now and then I daydream that one of them will also love me.

I’m literally always asked why I don’t live in the City. I tell people I don’t know why, yet deep down I know the real reason is that I think I’m a little afraid to leave the District now that I have grown so comfortable here. I know DC. I know her ways, her ins and outs, her beauty and ugliness. In just a little under four years DC and many circles know me too. A move to NYC would be almost like starting over again.

But Saturday night reminded me of all the reasons I should overcome my fears, more than just the City but about men also. Right as I was leaving the party a man looked in my eyes and I looked in his and without speaking he said to me – life is beautiful, so is love and one day you may have a love of your own. His eyes were so sincere and his embrace was so brotherly.

The past few months I’ve become more jaded then ever before around the idea of finding a lover/partner/friend. And there at someone else’s birthday party. Someone else’s lover gave me a gift. He told me one day it would be. It was some enchanting evening.