Friday, January 11, 2008

Choice Destinations

I am delighted by choice. I have often said that life itself is simply about choices. And so it is often in my past that I did not even know the strength and power in that thought, in that call to live.

It became clearer to me today, more than it ever has before what choice is. Choice is not just an instance to select or an opportunity to choose. Choice is something much more tangible and real. Choice is a place. Choice is a place because when you make one you live in it, become a part of it and it gives you life in that it is the very air you breath. All around you is choice. So life is about choices. Furthermore, life is about where you live.

Today I chose love and not fear. Thus I am able to live in peace and happiness.
Today I chose progress and not regression. Thus I am able to live in development.
Today I chose to speak and not be silent. Thus I am able to live in confidence.

Life is about choices, the choices we make on how to act and react, how we view, understand, interpret, stand still or move on. Life is about the state of mind and consciousness we place ourselves in. Choose well. Love. Progress. Speak. Be.