Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Path to Peace

I read somewhere once that if you walk closer to God that he would walk closer to you. And after weeks of internal restlessness I have taken the right path and already I feel it.

Sunday night my mind stopped racing as fast as it had been. Something in my spirit began to settle. I felt myself returning to myself. I moved to my living room floor. In darkness I found light sitting there, at first alone, later with the spirit of the most high surely surrounding.

I prayed and meditated. What had become a daily routine had not been for the last couple of weeks. So busy coming and going, I had not taken the proper steps to nurture my spirit.

As I sat there confusion began to leave me while peace entered. Still. Quiet. Ease. I was returning to my center and every since that moment all the thoughts and things that had in any way troubled me the last few weeks have come to a calm. I have let them go. And a spirit greater than me has taken them.

Amazing, what it means to walk on the path to peace.