Saturday, December 22, 2007

Amber Alert: Jesus

I know this is the season to be jolly. Everywhere I turn I see Christmas trees, Santa Claus, poinsettias, tons of red & green and sales in every store. This has been going on for weeks now. I have been consumed and completely emerged in the holidays. But where the hell is Jesus? I feel like more than ever, this year he has been incredibly absent. Is he a member of the Writer’s Guild of America too? That would easily explain his absence.

I think.

But as a consumerist American I am not really suppose to though.

Naughty me.

Maybe Santa won’t bring me anything now either.

So, since I’m thinking about it I will also question what happened to Hanukkah this year too. Granted, I am not a Jew, I do have lots of Jewish friends and this year I think I heard about less latke and vodka Hanukkah celebrations (popular among the twenty-something’s). I sure got invited to fewer of them. (Maybe I shouldn't have worn that Jesus Saves tshirt last year.)

I am a lover of words. I even studied rhetoric in college and almost pursued an advanced degree in it. Nevertheless, I pay attention to words and their meaning and their usage and how and why people use them. Today I noted how many people now say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. While some can view this as an attempt to be politically correct and be all encompassing I think it can also be seen as a way to collect all the religious and ethnic observances and clump them into one more suitable for the companies that sell us everything so they can sell everyone a bunch of – everything. Without a religious or ethnic attachment to it there is free reign for every citizen to be a mass consumer. Perhaps this it just too much of a conspiracy theory, but perhaps I am right. With no Christmas and no Hanukkah, the generic Holidays has room to be like Wal-Mart and reign supreme. No more mom and pop stuff. The Holidays mean business.

Either way it goes over the next few days I’ll spend time with my family, eat lots of my mothers homemade cookies, enjoy some time off and get in touch with the Jesus in me – he doesn’t seem to be too many other places.

What would Jesus do? I don’t think he’d purposefully disappear on his birthday. Would he?

Bueller! Bueller!

Jesus! Jesus!