Friday, September 08, 2006


Timing is everything.

One of my favorite times of year in DC is the week of the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference. My beautiful people come to Washington from across the country to share information, best practices and empower each other to go back and make a positive impact on their communities. I love it. I also love that the week is full of receptions and parties. The fun that is had when the dignified leave the Convention Center and Capitol Hill for the day to get their get down on at night is unreal.

This year I had two invites to receptions and one invite to a soul food lunch hosted by my congresswoman. But that was not enough. I wanted to go to the emerging leaders party held on the Thursday of ALC week. But I had no ticket. I spent most of Wednesday afternoon calling, emailing and sending text messages to everyone I could think of who could get me a ticket. At the end of the day I came up with nothing.

Then it happened.

Yesterday I had a 9AM appointment with my barber. I was running late but when I got to the Metro stop I stepped off the escalator and a train was right there. I had to transfer a few stops later and usually I have a long wait. Not yesterday. The transfer train came in two minutes. I was really moving. It was a good morning.

I was a block away from the barbershop when I heard a good morning from across the street. It was a friend from Capitol Hill who happens to go to the same barber that I go to and he was leaving his 8:30AM.

Him: Good to see you.
Me: Better to see you.
Him: Are you going to be out and about tonight?
Me: Well, I have two receptions. I always do the frat thing and then there is a young professional group having something I’m going to breeze through. If I had my way I’d be blowing through the Black Party.
Him: Why don’t you?
Me: No ticket.
Him: No problem.

He got two tickets for AQueer and I. Once we got there another friend made sure that we didn’t have to use the tickets to get in or stand in the line. Being from EC AQueer also turned two drink tickets into four.

That is how it happened. Timing was just right.

And last night on the dance floor at the Black Party I had a great time. These are the times we live for and at 3:30AM it was time to go to bed.