Friday, August 19, 2005

Muffins Are Ready

Yesterday afternoon I told my boss I was sick and that I would be leaving the office early. It was Thursday and I knew in my mind I wouldn’t be returning to the office again until Monday. I wasn’t using being sick as a lie to leave work early on a Thursday and call in on Friday. It wasn’t a lie at all. I was sick – of work.

One hour after I left my cubicle I found myself in another tight space. This Tinkerbelle had climbed on the Peter Pan was headed to the City. Tomorrow afternoon Foxy is hosting a bon voyage party for Meech Muffin who will be leaving for a two year work assignment in London. I am very proud of Meech Muffin and couldn’t let him leave without having a chance to bid him a proper farewell and spend some time with him.

When I met Meech Muffin I was a freshman in college and he was a sophomore in high school. At the time I was the assistant coach of the Mock Trial team at high school alma mater and it was his first year participating on the team. The team didn’t go far beyond the District tournament that season but he and I formed a friendship that has grown and matured for nearly ten years. I used to wonder what was it about this little straight boy that attracted me to him and him to me. How is it that he and I forged such a bond? I have stopped wondering and account it to an act of God. Our friendship has been a blessing for the both of us.

I have seen him grow so much literally and figuratively. Undoubtedly, he has seen me grow as well. I went through high school and college with him. He went through undergrad and grad school with me. He and I have shared stories about the ups and downs of pursuits of relationships, the men that left me hanging and the women I tend to tell him to hang up on. I am comforted in knowing that in all things we can share. Often when I seek refuge I turn to him. I know he listens. I know he does not judge. I know he loves.

To date, the most amazing experience for me though was being at his college graduation. I recall his senior of high school going through checklists with him, asking all the questions about filling out his applications, taking his SAT and everything in between. Four years later he was walking across the stage in his Columbia blue. A few months after that he was starting his first job which has led him to this exciting new opportunity.

For the first time since I’ve known him he will be more than a one hour plane ride or four hour train ride away from me. That disturbs me just a little. He probably doesn’t mind as much as I do but there is something about me feeling like I can always reach out and touch him or get to him that makes me rest easy and reassures me. As overly dramatic as it may sound I never want him to feel like he needs me and I’m not there or vice versa.

Once he crosses that ocean I will just have to remember that he is always close to me because he is in my heart and I’m in his.