Thursday, August 11, 2005

I keep and He keeps me

I have the same couch, chairs, tables, pots and pans that I had the day I moved in here four years ago today. On the surface not much has changed about the interior of my small apartment in Northeast, DC. But so many things have changed in the world since August 11, 2001, the day I signed my lease and declared this my first adult home.

My country experienced the horrific tragedy of September 11, I’ve earned my graduate degree, my thesis dissecting rhetoric of African Americans following the tragedy, I’ve walked across the stage with my mother as she received her graduate degree, I’ve had my first job, I’ve been honored with the opportunity to speak by the Reflecting Pool, my country is at war, my aunt has gone home, my uncle is now serving his country in Iraq, I have had one roommate on two occasions, I have lived to see a quarter of a century, my mother has celebrated her 50th birthday, my country has elected the same President, other countries have given same sex couples the right to marry, I’ve seen my father for the first time since I was in fifth grade, I’ve tasted both sorrow and sweetness, I’ve fought for my life, I’ve shared my words with masses, I’ve seen fruits of my mentoring labor. I have seen, felt, heard, tasted, learned and lived so much more in just four years.

Neither the world, nor I are the same as we once were. One thing however that has remained constant has been the influential power greater than me. I do believe in God. I rest assured in knowing that my four years here have in so many ways been a demonstration of his work, an illustration of his omnipresent grace and mercy.

As this day approached I initially dwelt on the things that hadn’t happened yet in my time in the District. But when I started thinking of my journey of the past four years I realized how far I have come, how far he has brought me. Tonight my candle burns and I hear the voice of Jill Scott. She tells me that
I keep….I keep moving forward…pressing forward…..laughing….dreaming…achieving…...I keep...
Mrs. Scott is absolutely right. I must keep. I also pray for years to come He keeps keeping me.