Thursday, July 28, 2005

Clean and Clear

This morning I woke up at 6:30AM to continue a project that actually began a few days. One would imagine that it wouldn’t take several days to complete but for me this is no small task. I am in the process of cleaning my bedroom and washing, folding or hanging every article of clothing that I own. It wouldn’t be such a large project to tackle if it weren’t for my own habits.

I often thoroughly clean every room in my apartment with the exception of this one, my bedroom. My logic behind this has always been that because it is such a rare occasion that I allow someone into my living space and even more of a unique situation if I allowed someone in my bedroom that it didn’t matter how pleasing to the eye it was, especially if it were essentially for my eyes only. But earlier this week an acquaintance from the City asked if he could come visit me this weekend. Although I thought it would be a slim chance of him actually coming down, I decided that it would be best to make arrangements and take the proper steps for me to be a good host, including cleaning my bedroom as he would most likely be sleeping in here with me.

As I began the wash and dry rigmarole it became therapeutic and as the room started looking better and transforming in a strange way so did I. Once, I saw a woman on Oprah talking about how the space around you has an effect on you. Clean spaces make you feel clean and think more clearly. I call my bedroom mission control because it is where my phones, computers, writings and many files are located. A cleaner, less cluttered mission control I believe is turning into a cleaner less cluttered mental space as well. There is also something going on in my spirit rather separately urging me to get the room cleaned as well as throw old things out. I need to be ready for change. It may not be today or tomorrow or even next week, but certainly some time soon this room being cleaned is going to be a benefit. There is another project I hope to begin this weekend that will further prepare me for what is yet to come.

“Success is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.”