Friday, August 05, 2005


Friday evening had arrived. In my head I had already chartered the course that would be my weekend. Saturday evening I would attend the local gay Asian men’s group holiday party and on Sunday I would spend a quiet evening at home after church. Then my phone rang. Mr. Kane had been invited to a fabulous holiday party and wanted me to accompany him. I wasn’t married to the gay Asian men’s party on Saturday night so I agreed to change my plans and attend the holiday party with Mr. Kane instead.

I asked him the usual questions. I probed to find out what time did the party start, what would be the appropriate attire and what if anything should I bring. Mr. Kane replied that it would be best if we left first thing in the morning, bring something light, something to sleep in, and don’t worry about a gift for the host. I was perplexed. Why would we have to leave early Saturday morning for a party that was late Saturday night?

The party was in Boca Raton, Florida.

So, of course I logged online, purchased a ticket, packed a bag and went to bed early because I knew the next day I would have to be up early to head to the airport. I couldn’t resist the idea of a holiday party in Florida. More than anything at the time I just couldn’t resist the idea of Florida just for the weekend. It was a trip I won’t forget and tonight I was reminded of it.

This evening I went to a reception for the opening of a new Black owned and operated men’s and women’s clothing boutique on U Street. While the ribbon cutting took place on the first floor of the building where the boutique is housed, upstairs is where the real celebration took place. Following the formal ceremony and cameo appearances by some city politicos and those who want to be everyone slid on to elevators going straight to the rooftop. We’d gathered to share the special occasion of a new venture and enjoyed libations and wonderful view of the District.

I moved away from the crowd and decided to take in the postcard like view of the monuments and clouds. Finally, the temperature was dropping and so was the sun. I could feel cooler air around me. It was at that moment that I checked the time. It was 8:07pm. Ironically, it was 8 months to the day that I stood on the balcony of that condo in Boca with a cocktail in my hand alternating from staring at a full moon then the ocean. I was feeling at ease, soaking up the breeze and putting faith in God and in life. Tonight I was standing on the rooftop in the District with a martini exchanging glances with the Capitol building, the Washington Monument and the street once known as Black Broadway. I was at ease, delighted with the small breeze and thankfully reminded of the role that God and faith have had in my life.

Eight months ago I was involved in a process tonight I was reminded that stage of the process was or is nearly complete. Seven is the number of completion.

8:07pm. That completes the evening.