Sunday, July 24, 2005

Honey, I Love

As a small child there were three words I would hear at bedtime that would make my smile light up the night, Honey, I Love. It is the title of one of my most treasured books. Even as an adult the words, rhythm and images excite me. When I read it today I hear the voices of my mother and my sister reading it to me as they did with fluid and playful voice inflections when I’d lay in my bed with pajamas on – the kind that had feet.

This weekend I had the great pleasure to sneak up the coast to the City for the 7th Annual Harlem Book Fair. Books, authors and words amaze me. My people inspire me. So, the combination of books, authors and words of and for my people of course blows me away. It was a beautiful day and a warm evening. I was reminded of many of the things I love.

Honey, I love.
I love a lot of things, a whole lot of things.

I love spending time with Country Boi cuz he’s so sweet and warm
Whenever I’m around him I exude my most natural charm

I love Black vendors - selling their creative things
from books to soaps to incense and gold and silver rings

I love walking down 135th and seeing familiar faces
Waiving, smiling and receiving deep friendly embraces

I love being in a City with millions and not being alone
I’ve never paid rent in NYC but I feel like it’s another home

I love books of all genres from people who look like me
Even if I don’t agree with their words I love them for who they authors be

I love that is has been nearly a month since I last said I wanted a man
For me that’s a long time to actually keep that stance
And I’m moving to being closer to okay with the possibility of taking another chance

I love my friends and frat who will partake with me in a good drink
And enjoy stimulating conversations that call for me to think

I love Manhattan and no longer fear her as much
And if she invited me to stay today, I think I would resolve to go ahead and at least pack my clutch

Honey, I love.
I love a lot of things, a whole lot of things.
And honey, I love you too.